We are HiStyle

Our products and services are world class standards

Hi-Style is a International Trading company, which Transfers customer needs into the products and services and offers by them staffing their needs on Delivery, Competitiveness & Reliability . Hi-Style  for nurseries ,Green Houses ,Landscaping companies and Home gardeners with 100% Bio Degradable and organic Delivering the product with respect to their Requirement is our specialty.

Hi-styles works on Innovation, Adoption of Technology which can help the people Innovated in the Agriculture to enrich their process and reap benefit inters profit and productivity. We uses its rich experience in international marketing to make the coconut based value added product to international customers and aims at positioning Indian products at its best in worlds market.

Our Coir Products are Coco Peat Blocks, Bricks, grow Bags ,Mulch Pots ,Sticks Geo Textiles etc..We Assure our products and services are world class standards.

Why we