• Washed Coco Peat is dried in Open yard and batch code will be created

  • Random Samples Drawn from each batch and tested for EC, pH and Moisture Before moving to warehouse

  • QC approved batches only will be moved to warehouse


  • As per customer requirement Coco Peat is sieved /screened through wire mesh to reduce the level of bibber, sand and foreign material if any

  • Screened /Sieved coco peat goes to processing bin.


  • Pressing machines run with energy parameters.

  • According to customers specification Coco Peat is blending with Mulch/Husk Chips /Fiber and moved to the pressing machine.

  • Samples are drawn on hourly basis and passed for QC Check.

  • The Finished product is stored in a cool, dry place inside the factory warehouse and free from infestation by insects.


  • Coco blocks are packed inside the factory premises within 48 hours from pressing.

  • This ensures that the product does not expand

  • The packing is meticulously done as per the customer requirement to ensure integrity of the packing, product safety, desired container load ability, and ease of handling right from the manufacture’s place to the place of usage

  • All wooden packing material is fumigated as per the slandered ISPM 15.


  • Strapping is done to ensure the strength of palletized cargo

  • Batch code labeling is done in all pallets to keep track of QC results

  • The finished and fully packed cargo is stored in cool dry place until it is transported to the loading port